2015 / 2016
A Quiet place for you to return to
Viridi is a gardening sim, specifically featuring succulents, that grow right in your phone or computer while you're away. Players can enjoy a moment of blissed out plant tending when they need a break from work, to wind down after a long day, or instead of checking those fucking emails.

Choose from a selection of ceramic pots and one of three starter packs to get going. Water your baby plants and watch them grow! More than 20 species of succulents are available for purchase in the Nursery, but visit every Friday and get a free random weekly seedling to add to your pot.
Viridi screenshot
Viridi was developed by a small group of friends in a Seattle living room back in 2014. It started when Zoe had an idea for a soft, quiet little place with a gently bobbing pot and twinkling music. She had been interested in plants since getting her first summer job at a garden shop and enjoyed memorizing scientific names and categorizing them. The succulent craze was almost at its height and she noticed a lot of forlorn, neglected specimens in the real world, so she decided to make virtual succulents the focus of Viridi. Players can have the experience of having and learning about these great plants without the worry of killing them as easily as the real deal.
- Fast Company
- National Geographic
- The Huffington Post
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Madison Pathe

Trailer Editor

Michael Bell

Sound and music


Light and texture, programming, game design

Zoe Vartanian

Creative direction, visual design, modeling, animation, game design

Isa Hutchinson

Programming, game design
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