Tenderfoot Tactics

In Development
About Tenderfoot Tactics
You're a newborn spirit inhabiting a small party of domesticated humans. Your presence imbues them with magics that allow them to act directly as natural forces, turning the chaos of the living battlefield to your advantage.

Raise your humans to become powerful woods witches, battlemages, liches, and stonespeakers. Lift a ridge of earth to block the approach of feral knights. Flick a spark into the woods of a neighboring island to smoke out the archers hiding there. Moisten the soil with a rain shower to foster new plant life and eventually hardy brush for your softer mages to use as cover.

Explore your new home in the archipelago and meet the happy residents. Resolve marital disputes between Crown and Tiara on the assignment of their rough but sweet devotee Gauntlet. Nurture Rutabaga's silent little sister Parsnip, who Avocado thinks is a dullard. Help Wiseard by fighting through forests thick with feral humans to investigate the mysterious spirits who speak in tongues and wear no faces, the ones Dad-King calls the Untamed.
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Badru - Programming, game design, writing, and art
Michael Bell - Sound and music