Adam Murgittroyd


Aron Miller

Aron is a history podcaster in his spare time and focuses on researching and writing for The Real Middle Ages podcast. The podcast covers different series during the middle ages and so far has looked at the origins of the Kievan Rus, the early Normans and witch hysteria during the high middle ages. When Aron is not working on various history project he is tinkering on his 1967 VW bug named King Ruckus.


Fire Place, Tenderfoot, Yule Log, Viridi, The Absence of Is, Eidolon
Badru loves the woods and the morning and you. Badru believes in the wild beauty of living experiences. Badru loves color and feeling and chaos. Look forward to an abundance of transcendent art from Badru in the future.

Galen Drew

Pattern, Cycles
Galen is a nice art boy. He makes a lot of stuff, and some of it's cool! Likes: art, colour, music, joke, flower, house, dog. If you meet him, ask him about shoes.

Isa Hutchinson

Viridi, the Absence of Is, Eidolon
Isa has worked professionally with Zoe and Badru for several years. Nowadays they work, along with Isa's girlfriend Taylor, on small batch, hyper-local, experimental cuisine.

Jeff Klinicke

The Absence of Is, Eidolon
Jeff is a sometimes writer, sometimes poet who often feels haunted by far off worlds and the future. In his spare time he creates worlds and searches for ways to express them. He often finds inspiration in the dogs he meets.

Meagan Malone

Meagan is a game writer on Choices by Pixelberry Studios, where she has written for such projects as The Royal Romance and Desire & Decorum. When she’s not busy in the world of interactive fiction games, she can be found writing murder mystery games, dungeon mastering, and hanging out with her cats.

Michael Bell

Pattern, Fire Place, Yule Log, Viridi, The Absence of Is, Eidolon
Michael Bell is an attic-dweller who occasionally extricates himself from his beloved tangle of audio cable and guitar strings long enough to teach courses in the literatures of animal sentience, mass extinction, and apocalyptic board game design at Western Washington University. Happiest in a raging wolf-hour darkness punctuated by the blinking LEDs of analog synthesizers and distortion pedals, but can serenade flowers in the sun too (with adequate shielding).

Pol Clarissou

Fire Place
Pol makes art with computers, or so it goes.

Zoe Vartanian

Fire Place, Viridi, The Absence of Is, Eidolon
Zoe is a graphic designer and paper florist. In 2014, she thought about a nice little space with plants and it became Viridi. Zoe often consults on Badru titles as an over-the-shoulder designer and likes to have opinions about colors. In her spare time, she is found cutting tiny petals out of paper, consuming murder-related media, and hanging out with her beautiful and perfect dog, Sebastian.
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